Safe Guard Your Child Online

Safe Guard Your Child Online


In technology, we are discussing what is okay to share on social networking sites and what is best left private. By show of hands, a majority of 7th graders were displaying their age, location, and gender on social sites, which may leave them exposed to predators. We discussed adding friends – what constitutes a “friend” versus a stranger. The use of privacy settings were stressed, but more importantly, we agreed that is best to not post what we don’t want visible.

Please review the link labeled “Safe Guard Your Child Online” from a government sponsored program focused on protecting safety online. Then, discuss  and reinforce its importance at home.

Thank you for your support Royal Parents!

-Sara Arismendez

Technology Coordinator

8th grade makes their own webpage

Announcing Team Groups by Page:

Research Page: 8th grade will research a solution to an ecological problem – plastic waterbottles.  In an effort to reduce and reuse, 8th grade will sell their own St.Paul waterbottles with a link to purchase one on their site. The money earned will fund an 8th grade outing.

Page and Research Directors: Henrianna , Austen, and Juliet

About Page:  How to best describe the 8th grade class is left to these clever students: Juliet, Olivia, and Dominque.

Contact Page: Creating a gmail circle for the class, and adding email  and facebook widgets for the page are Lydia and Angelique

Prayer Page: Spiritual content is directed by Joseph, Michael G, and Clark.

Memories Page: Something lasting is created in the bonds that are shared at St. Paul’s. Henrianna, Austen, Julia, and Angelica will put together a page that 8th grade will always be able to reflect and smile upon.

Advice / Storypage: Anecdotes and advice about what it’s like being an 8th grader. Listen up, Underclassmen – you have big shoes to fill…

Thank you to all of our content writers, content contributors, research gurus, and page designers…Let’s show ’em what 8th grade Class of 2013 is about!

-Mrs. Arismendez

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